Jakubs | November 4, 2022

How to draw bottle shapes in Illustrator

Are you interested in learning how to draw bottle shapes in Illustrator? In today's tutorial, the Pen Tool and 3D Revolve Effect will be used to build a 3D Bottle in Adobe Illustrator.

Open Adobe Illustrator and start a new RGB color-mode document. Now adhere to the simple drawing instructions listed below:

Step 1

Choose the Pen Tool from the Tool Panel and sketch the bottle's half-outline shape. For the drawn outline, deselect Fill and choose Stroke instead.

Step 2

Choose the shape that was created using the Selection Tool, then select Effect from the menu bar and click on 3D. A 3D Revolve Options dialogue box will display on the artboard after selecting Revolve.

Step 3

Check off Preview in the 3D Revolve Options dialogue box. Click OK after making the necessary modifications, if any.

Step 4

You may create the 3D Bottle's label with the Pen Tool. The text is then completed in Adobe Illustrator using the Type Tool, and your 3D Bottle is ready.

It's time to put this tutorial into practice.